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Boys Theme

Birthday of that little, naughty devil is probably one of the most special days of the year for you. You plan the birthday's celebrations to make it special for him. One of the things that are nowadays in trend and are actually appealing to kids is to have a theme in the party.

A theme party actually makes it lot more systematic. The decoration of the party also becomes easy. If you choose a good theme, it will also set the mood of the party as soon as it starts. Out of all things this makes the day memorable for you.

Littlemen theme birthday party

Celebrating birthday in little man theme will definitely make it special for your little man. In this theme there is a unique spin in invitations, decoration and table ware. Everything in Littlemen theme birthday party theme has a whimsical black moustache on grey, lime green or light blue background. The biggest plus point behind this theme is that many of the things can be made at home, which will indeed make it even more special. This is a perfect way to show your little man how he will look in his gentleman appearance.

Minion theme birthday party

With the great fan following of the minions, using them as a theme for your party is as trendy as ever. Let the Minion theme birthday party help you to make the day special for you. For the cake time decorate the table with minion's napkins, plates and table cloth. You can give your cute, little devil a minion t-shirt on his big day. Rest, you can keep Minion wearable for everyone in the party so that everyone can get Minion. Games, favour buckets all can be designed in the minion theme to make it successful theme.

Jungle theme birthday party

By name, Jungle theme birthday party might sound a little daunting but with a little effort you can get a perfect party set up like a perfectionist. The first thing that needs a little management is to plan how the invitations are to be managed. Banana print or even a little mysterious footprint might also do the job here. For the decorations, you can stick green leaves added with stuffed animals on the wall. For the games you can play the pin the monkey's tail. You can use fake coconuts and plastic animals and arrange for a bowling game too.

Royal Prince Theme birthday party

The prince of your house needs to have the feeling. A well planned prince themed birthday party gives the feeling of being royal to your little boy. The basic thing of Royal Prince Theme birthday party is to give preference to royal blue and golden colour while decorating. From the balloons to the favour buckets. Crown is another thing that is needed to be taken care of. Invitations can be designed in a way that resembles the old invitations to party. Finally, just dress your prince like a real prince and you are good to go..

Nautical theme birthday party

What will be a better option than giving a birthday party of Nautical theme birthday party to your little sailor of dreams? The basic ingredients of the decoration are blue, red and white colour and also the anchor. The invitations can be printed on light blue paper and can be decorated with small anchors. Even the entire cutlery set can be set so that it gives a feel of being on sea. The sandwiches can be given a look of a boat with the extended mast made of a cheese slice. Your creativity is needed to take a hike here so that the themed celebration can be as special as possible.

Birthday party themes not only make them trendy and more enjoyable for the guests, but also present the host in a more creative way. The guests get a little change from the regular parties. Your little devil also gets to enjoy the day to maximum which is the ultimate goal.

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